The construction sites in the city, the framework of the most important

A photograph taken by Mayor Virginia Raggi and Councillor Linda Meleo.

It was announced from Capitol Hill that:“Due the drastic reduction in traffic, the city
can anticipate more street and construction in the future”.
Street works have begun in the "southern barrel" section towards the
Olympic/Salaria Stadium of the Giovanni XXIII Gallery. The operations, which
required the closure of the tunnel descending to the stadium, will be completed
within 35 days.
Street works continue to be carried out on the exchange between metro B and C and
the connection to Colosseum. The road disruption takes place every day after 9 p.m.

except for some weekends, such as on 21 and 22 March, when Metro B will be closed
from start of operation to finish time. The other weekends when construction is
already scheduled are on: 18/19 April; 2/3 May; 9/10 May; 23/24 May; 6/7 June;
27/28 June; 25/26 July.
During maintenance work on the tram sites, in the stretch between Via Chiaradia and
Piazza Mancini, the line 2 trams are replaced by buses along the entire route, until 27
March, from Monday to Friday. They will stop at the Mancini Square terminus only.
New construction sites are coming soon. Work on the tunnel excavation connecting
the future metro station C, "Imperial Forums" with Piazza Venezia will begin first,
then street work for "The Sanpietrini Plan" is commence together with the
refurbishment and safety of the via del Mare.
Another construction site undergoing extraordinary maintenance is Ponte della
Magliana (Magliana bridge) followed by the one on Tor di Quinto (Tor di Quinto
bridge). The refurbishment of horizontal signage, starting with the pedestrian strips,
is well underway and; as is the removal of the garden waste after mowing in the
ancient Appia park area (Parco dell’Appia Antica). Finally, some routine maintenance
programs are about to start, such as the one in progress on Via Pineta Sacchetti.

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