Giovanni XXIII tunnel: Salaria direction reopened

Street works lasted 35 days

Once the second phase of the redevelopment works were completed, the Giovanni XXIII tunnel was reopened to transit today (Monday, April 20) along the south section towards the Olympic Stadium/Salaria.

The maintenance lasted 35 days, in addition to the 40 days required for the north section, where redevelopment was completed on 2 March.
During the street works of the tunnel, the following interventions have been carried out: asphalt repairs on the whole 2.9 km section, work on the manholes and drainpipes, installation of shock absorbers and the pruning of weeds near the exits, upgrading of road signage integrated with vertical lighting, replacement of damaged safety barriers, waterproofing of the structure, cleaning of the reflective panels to improve visibility inside the tunnel and an application of antismog and anti-graffiti paint to absorb pollution and to fight vandalism.

"Today, the Giovanni XXIII Tunnel, completely redeveloped and safer, reopens to traffic. We decided to anticipate the works during these weeks and this greatly reduced the intervention time: everything has been realized in 35 days of non-stop street works", said the Mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi.
"Thus our work on the strategic infrastructures of Rome is continuing. We have chosen to invest in the safety of citizens with this long-awaited intervention, for more than 15 years, and never carried out by previous administrations. After the numerous road accidents which have occurred in recent years, thousands of cars and scooters, will now be able to drive safely through the Tunnel", concluded the Mayor.

The companies involved in the processing have significantly contracted the intervention time on both barrels, going from the initial 150 days scheduled to 75 effective days. For the first time since the opening of the tunnel in 2004, a complete redevelopment has been carried out.


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