The Termini-Tor Vergata project is advancing

Termini-Giardinetti prolungamento
The latest changes submitted to the MIT

The update of the Capitoline project for the transformation of the tramway of Termini-Giardinetti
(today Termini-Centocelle) has been presented to the Ministry of Transport. The project is
commissioned by the Administration, with the support of Roma Servizi per la Mobilità, and it is
included among the main projects of the PUMS (the Urban Sustainable Mobility Plan) which draws
the scenarios of the city's road network for the short and medium term.
A first plan of interventions to extend the line, both towards Termini and Tor Vergata, is dated
December 2018. Nowadays, changes have occurred on the previous project, as requested by the
MIT. In particular, a request for the widening of the tracks.
“The work", explains Enrico Stefàno, President of the Capitoline Mobility Commission, "will be
strategic. On one hand, we have foreseen that the terminus at Termini (today the Laziali terminus
is far from all the other junctions) and; on the other hand, the railway will be extended reaching
the University of Tor Vergata, the Policlinico Hospital and the Italian Space Agency. In the first
phase, the Bank of Italy and; in the second phase, the exit of the A1 Torrenova. In this way, an
effective connection between the Policlinico Casilino and the Policlinico Tor Vergata will be
guaranteed, and it will provide benefits to workers, students and users .“ Stefàno continues, “The
next steps will be the drafting of the projects, both final and executive, and the invitation for
tenders for the works".



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