ZTL permit – just one click

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The Roma Mobilità services

Reorganize the simplest daily activities to limit the spread of Coronavirus. Help comes from all over the "online world".

On the romamobilita.it website you can apply for Blue parking and the Ztl permits through the "virtual" counter, thus avoiding going to the Roma Servizi per la Mobilità offices located at Eur. Once all the steps, including payment, have been completed, documents will be checked and the permission will arrive - by email.

Those with a resident's permit can also make license plate changes and obtain a duplicate online. The same procedure applies for stopping on blue parking spaces of residents and domiciled people.

All-electric traction vehicles are free to drive within all ZTLs in Rome, without a permit once paper stamp is issued. Simply enter the vehicle's license plate online to allow traffic auxiliaries to check during the inspection.

For electric vehicles with foreign license plates or belonging to the Diplomatic Corps, the license plate must be e-mailed to pubblici@romamobilita.it.

Articolo disponibile anche su romamobilita.it